What happens on a Sunday morning?   

Sunday morning gatherings provide an opportunity for people to meet to worship God.  We use music, hear inspiring sermons and pray together to engage with God.  This meeting lasts approximately an hour.

What about my kids?

Children are part of the morning service for the music portion and then are dismissed to the gym for a teaching time specific to their needs.  Parents can pick up their kids in the gym after the adults are dismissed.

Is there parking available?

We have plenty of free parking spaces on site, including a number of handicap parking spaces.

What do I wear?

Casual wear:  Though some dress up a little, others wear jeans and a t-shirt.  Be comfortable.

How can I get connected?

Various connection groups meet weekly, and we also provide special projects and classes offering opportunities to learn and serve.  Fill out a Connection card and take it to the Info desk, where someone will be glad to help with your questions.